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Based in Brighton the Dwell Above team has been working in the property development industry since the late 1990s. Our experience covers the full development spectrum from small residential projects to large developments of 100+ apartments. 

Throughout these years house prices have consistently risen and developable land has become even more scarce, leading to a record cost-per-square-foot purchase price.

Recognising the need to unlock more developable land we identified an opportunity to ‘Build Up, Not Out’. Many buildings in cities in the UK – including but not limited to London – have the potential to add another floor to create additional and much needed housing. 

WHY us


We're not like other airspace developers. We don’t have a ‘cookie-cutter’ approach to airspace projects. Our flexible approach enables us to tailor each potential opportunity to the needs of interested parties.

We are your logical partner if: 

  • You are considering an airspace development 

  • You own a building that may be suitable for an airspace development 

  • You live in a block of flats with a deteriorating roof

  • You want to sell your airspace

  • You are looking for an experienced and credible company


Based in Brighton & Hove


Working across the UK but based in Brighton, our research shows that there are significant opportunities to add additional stories to many of the blocks in the city. Our intimate knowledge of Brighton and Hove means we are best placed to identify and develop airspace developments locally.



A Credible Supply Chain 

When you work with us, we manage the whole process – there is literally no work for you. Our service includes


  • Site Survey 

  • Feasibility Appraisal 

  • Financial Appraisal

  • Legal Documents

  • Leaseholder briefing meetings

  • Planning Submission 

  • Manufacture and Installation 

  • Sales and Marketing 

Green Credentials 


We work with sustainability at the heart of our business. Our approach to construction of the apartments in a factory substantially reduces the carbon impact compared to a traditional on-site build.

Get to know us



Tim has over 20 years of experience in property investment & development and owns the Brighton based ‘Clapham Properties’.


Tim has invested in property since 1994, starting whilst studying at university in London.  Formally trained in Product Management, Tim has worked in senior sales and marketing roles for several blue-chips organisations including KPMG and Sainsbury’s and more recently as a Director for a global software leader.  During this time, Tim continued to invest in properties throughout the South-East, focusing on opportunities where he could add value. 


Whilst living in London Tim set up and ran a small London architecture practice, which was the start of his interest in adding additional stories to residential buildings. Having completed many such projects, the natural progression was the launch of Dwell Above. 


Tim loves travelling, Indy music and the highs and lows of supporting Arsenal.

David Reames.jpeg

David Reames

David has over 20 years of experience working within the financial services industry across banking, pensions and insurance.


Since 2016 David has worked as a managing consultant advising organisations on operational strategy and organisational excellence with a focus on driving structural change to maximize business efficiency.


Prior to this David held a variety of roles including as director of a City of London based financial services firm with responsibility for its operation, operational strategy and oversite of a multi-million pound budget.  David has also held roles within new business functions and whilst working in investment banking oversaw a large bank’s business pipeline and developed strategies, reporting tools and best practices to manage that pipeline. 


For Dwell Above David uses his extensive pipeline management and finance experience to identify, research and oversee the delivery of a stream of financially attractive, viable new development opportunities.


David has an MBA from an international business school and is a keen, though poor, golfer.



Dwell Above are committed to protecting and respecting your privacy by complying with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).  

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