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Whatever your budget & attitude to risk we have a development route that will work for you. 

If you are uncertain which option best suits you, or would like more information, please contact us.

In all cases Dwell above does all the work.

3 Flexible options


We enter into an agreement whereby Dwell Above purchases the right to develop the freeholder’s roof.

Suitable for freeholders with a low appetite to risk who wish to realise a pre-determined value from their roof, but who do not want to take any part in its development.


We enter into an agreement whereby the freeholder provides the roof, We provide the know-how and fully manage the development & sale process.

The risks and profits are shared.  Suitable for freeholders who have some appetite for risk and wish to see a better return from the development of their roof.


The freeholder appoints Dwell Above to manage the development.  Whilst Dwell does all the work, the freeholder finances the project, takes all the risk and all the profit.

Suitable for freeholders with appetite for the risk required to maximise the return from their roof.

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